Game of parkour

(Mr Lobo) #1

Hi guys,Iam making a new game called Game of Parkour.You can suggest what should I add in this game.
This game is just a cube with his dumb cowboy hat jumping,running,escaping and dies at the place.


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(Mr Lobo) #2

Now its on level 6.You think how many levels should I make?

(blenderaptor) #3

add Physics + Dynamic Motion Actuator with Force and Linear Velocity. So the character has to fly by making some pulses and try to go through loops. Also to try to combine this game with your first game to have enemies on the parkour

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(Mr Lobo) #4

Now its on level 9! Thanks @blenderaptor,I will add it

(Mr Lobo) #5

Whats new

  • New main screen

  • Rank system

  • New HUD

  • Gameplay tutorial

  • Intro

Whats next

  • A few more levels

  • Customizable hat

  • Bug fixes

  • Adding sounds

(Pro Gamer) #6

can i play your game ?

(Mr Lobo) #7

Sorry,but the game size is too big (49.7mb).

(Mr Lobo) #8

Here is the new gamescreen that I design.How do you feel?

(Mr Lobo) #9

Sorry,now I find a website to share this game @PRO_GAMER

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(Mr Lobo) #10

It was a pre alpha game.tell me if the game has any bugs

(Pro Gamer) #11

Thanks A lot Mr_Lobo1 I appreciate that
i am downloading the game

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(Mr Lobo) #12

So how is the game @PRO_GAMER ?