Game Optimization

Two years ago I made my very own game in 2d and stopped. Now I am learning to do it again in blender 3d. It is an RPG adventure game with one human protagonist. I read a lot of tutorials and now my game has some basic movements, menus and character poses.
I noticed some blender games run perfectly in a low performance PC. Can you please tell me some tips on how to OPTIMIZE my game to run smoothly with highest quality and compatibility.

There are actually quite a few things really.

  • Polygon Conservation - Use as few polygons as you can, but place what you do have in places where they will look better,
  • Disable Collision Faces - In places where collision is not needed, disable it so the game isn’t using unnecessary resources trying to make collision when it doesn’t matter.
  • Use Smaller Texture Sizes or make a bunch of objects use only one, bigger texture.
  • Bake Materials - Don’t use that fancy PerPixel Lighting if the lights don’t do anything except for create atmosphere. Bake the lighting to a texture so it doesn’t have to calculate all the lighting and such.

These are many methods of keeping a game looking good, but not slowing it down too much.

Thanks. I hope those should work.

I still waiting new reply. Anyone please give me some more tips. These also good for other newbies.

Just answered this question… take a look at this thread. That will give you a 2-3x frame rate increase with no downsides… or work.

Look in google for such things as mipmaps and LOD (level of details), they help a lot

Use as few textures as possible. Which means cramming a lot of textures onto bigger sheets, so that you reduce the number of times the GPU needs to stop rendering and change the texture, which is a bottleneck.