Game Over! D:

So I decided It’d be a good time to make somethin cool, seeing as its the end of the summer and this is my last day until i go back to school… So i decided to make this! Took me just about all day… like 5 hours or so. :spin: I usually get impatient and dont finish my stuff but i had to finish this one… ok here it is:

I don’t play any Mario games, but isn’t that plant in the game? And today’s my last day of summer vacation too, LOL!

lol! yeah its in the mario game! i bassically rocked out the evil plant thingies that pop out of the tubes and eat you… Wait… Youve never played mario? Fail! well… i mean i dont play the new ones. but sometiems i whip out the old skool mario

Looks like Mario lost the encounter.

Yeah. I was rooting for the giant plant anyways. I mena really… come on… Who would win, a fat italian plumber or a giant bloodthirsty weed?

Crit and comment please :smiley:

Crit: The bottom lip of the plant looks bloated, plus the materials look too generic - I would say they need a bit more work, especially the hat and plant lip materials.

Comment: haha great! I feel like this too much when I play Super Mario. I like the composition and scene very much.

haha now that i look at it your right, the hat does need a bt of work. thanks!

Dude, this pwns. One crit: I’m not sure how you cooked up the materials on the pipe and stem of the piranha plant, but the toony, low specularity look is great. Compared to that, the lips of the plant look just a bit too photo-realistic–really glossy and wet compared to the matte look of the rest of the picture.

I think you mixed up the material for the hat & the head of the weed.:stuck_out_tongue:
:ba:Mario Rocks:ba:

haha thanks guys. ok ive been getting a lot of crits on the lips so im ganna fix it, and maybe redo the hat too… Whos ganna stop me from making an update in finished projects?! U?! UUUU!!!

Inspired at all by Little Shop of Horrors?

haha nope but i just looked it up and i can see where you got that idea! lol

Tada! New hat, better textures. C&C appreciated

nice one…and dang you go back to school late

haha yezzir! sept 2nd. the day i can go get my permit. when i heard the 1st day of school was the same day i could get my permit i wasnt too happy. now im sadly just sitting in my house after the 1st day of school… permitless

Replace pants with permit and you have my story :smiley:

Now that texture on the stem looks a little too real (I’d make it a little less splotchy, ya dig?) :smiley: if you ask me. Lips are much better though. Same thing with the teeth, to real methinks. Anyhoo, good stuff.

Oh ya, that first pic with the dope outline, that looks better than the others i thinkies.

LOL!!! and well i kinda like the texture tho. i ment it to be realistic, yet cartoony