[Game project] in need of an opinion

well i got the bzoo script working from the template from the site and now im making my own game useing that

i need some 3rd party opinions on some of the ideas i got now

i dont have a new yet butthis is a social like game hang out and chat
in diffrent area

Right now i have a main lobby i call the capital
players can warp from there to 3 difffrent ones and thers an upstairs accessable via elevator

Area 1 is a movie Theator i found the Blender Texture Video player and for it working and i have a 3 screen theater with diffrent movies able to play on each one

heres a screen of the main area in the theater

now im not the best texture artist and i wont pretend ot be either

Also im working on a like shooting game arena and i have one or two more area left to work on

i would like some feed back on the idea and the picture
personaly i thinkit looks alright but thast me
(actualy i think it looks awesome )

thank you

If I understood this right you are trying to make something like a habbohotel? http://www.habbohotel.co.uk/
I liked that idea and even tried it couple of times and would be nice to see it made with blender! So go for it!
But the image, I think you should work harder on it. If there are just a few rooms in a game why not make a little more efford and make good textures just for your game. If you have problems with them, there are lot of tutorials for making great textures and even more textures to be found online.

actualy that pic is of one “area”
its kinda like Cybertown
the area in the picture is of the theater area thers 3 screens with 3 diffrent movies (which i figured out how to get working)

thers like a main lobby area “The Capital” as i call it
you would start there
from there you can warp to “The theater”
and to other area im working on

ill do like a movie walk throu type deal and put it on on like youtube here once i get the theater fixed
and finalise the capital ill take some more screenshots aswell

I have some tutorials on texturing here:


They don’t cover specifically what you’re asking, but they’ll get you introduced to a lot of the methods you’ll need to use.

very cool i have to work on that

looks cool…so it’s going to be like an mmo hangout?

Oh i have an idea!..an arcade where u can like…play minigames…by yourself or with people…like if you can do it…But the movie theater is really nice and did u make the movies for the theaters?

the only thing is i jumped in to it blindly and crashed but i do have another idea that i think is much better and im working it out on paper first which is what i shoulda been doing befor instead of jumpin in to it like that cause i ran outa ideas