Game Runtime with multiple .blend files not working

I’m trying to export a Runtime with multiple .blend files, but the executable exits the game when it’s supposed to open a new .blend file.

Example: I’m in menu.blend, click on new game, and it switches to level1.blend. But in the exported runtime, although everything works ok at menu.blend, it doesn’t switch to level1.blend when I click on new game, it just quits the game.

I’ve packed all into blend file and made all linked data local in every blend the Runtime is supposed to use, but still the only blend working is the main menu. I don’t know if I’m supposed to do some extra steps regarding the other blends before exporting runtime.

Hope I made myself clear! Thank you all for your time.

Can you please share any System Console errors:

And also crash-logs:


Thanks for your answer! I was able to take a screenshot at the runtime’s console (can’t find it anywhere while the executable is running, but it’s visible for 0.1 seconds after the crash).

I’ve checked the link you provided for the crash-logs but I don’t really understand it (my knowledge on scripts is none), although I’ve seen it’s for UPBGE, I’m working with Blender 2.79b, forgot to mention that!

Been doing some research and I read something like you have to copy all the .blends in the runtime folder, but I don’t know if I have to put them in a specific folder or whatever. I’ve been using Blender for years, but been making games for just a couple of months. Noob stuff, sorry!

Thanks for your time and patience!

Alright, I feel dumb here… so I tried just taking all the blends and dropping them into the folder where the runtime is stored… and it’s all working good now!

Nevertheless, the folder of the executable already has too many .dll files and I don’t want that whoever gets the game has to look for the runtime among other 100 files. I’m gonna try making a new .blend file which is the responsible for opening the menu and stuff, so that I can keep all the levels and files in another folder (I think that was the way they did it with Yo Frankie).

Wish me luck!

EDIT: Tested, all working good!

To keep the terminal open for your published game executable you need to run it from the command-line with a few arguments and functions.


game_name.exe -c
  1. The argument -c will open the console terminal after the initial launch. By default it closes.
  2. The pause function will keep the terminal open even crash. By default the executable and terminal both close on crash or manual exitting.

That shouldn’t matter as the folder would be the Windows TEMP folder found in your AppData directory.
Unless… You do not use Windows and use another type of OS… Which would have different functions and setups and completely unrelated to the CMD commands that I shared.

Yes, you can state a custom relative file-path.
You just need to include the appropriate relative-paths in your Game actuator’s file-path.
For some more tips here is a great resource explaining relative vs absolute paths and how to achieve the recommended approach:

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