Game settings

So far I haven’t found any tutorials or examples of option menus in BGE. If anybody has any examples or templates, could he toss ones to me?

My expections of settings menu:

  • Sound volume
  • Music volume
  • Speech volume
  • Switch between resolutions (240p, 480p and 720p)
  • Switch between aspect ratios (4:3 and 16:9, meaning that if resolution is set 480p, the 4:3 will set it to 640x480 and 16:9 to 856x480)
  • Switch between full screen and window
  • Control settings (or at least the switch between controllers (keyboard, Joystick and USB Dual Shock))
  • Reset to defaults
  • Save changes
  • Deny changes

Btw, if anybody has a template, I hope it, or at least its layout, can be modified.

Offtoptic: Blender’s current ingame text feature doesn’t allow further customization, meaning that text can only be monochrome color. Or are there any ways to, for instance, give gradient color or overline to ingame text?

hi, you can follow this tutorial,

it’s in 4 part

sure look into my sig, called game launcher.
use it expand it do whatever you like, but it does not have sound option. deny option or controller input control, but that is not to hard to build in on your own.

Like Kengi said, go to the part 4 of my tutorial series. I go over how to make resolution, brightness, music on/off. It’s not everything on your list, but if you take what I do, and apply it to stuff you find in bge.render, and aud, you can get it all to work.

Thanks! I’ll try these solutions out. Will they solve aspect ratio thing too or do I need two different cameras for it?