Game Templates for study or use?

Are there any resources for UpBGE or whatever for purchasing or downloading a game “template”, a partially built skeleton of a particular type of game that has, say, the basic movements and animations built for a stand-in character, and maybe a room with an enemy and some basic interactable objects with their logic attached. All of this would function as a template so pieces could be studied and understood, and then copied and expanded upon?

And… if I ever got my skills where I’d like them to be, is there a market for this, either for sale or for sharing? Does something like this exist for Unreal and/or Unity?

I really want to make a Breath of the Wild crossed with Skyward Sword - esque Zelda short game. It would be really neat if there was a template file.

That template might be just be 2 rooms.

There would be a generic player character, but one that demonstrates the skeleton, and the range of things the character ought to be able to do, as well as examples of objects that might be attached to the skeleton from the environment… for example, the character could be holding a sword and a shield, and also have an animation of the character putting the sword in a scabbard or over their back, and then putting the shield over their back. In the room might be 2 other weapons and 2 other shields just to contain and demonstrate the code for picking up a new weapon or shield and attaching them to the the “draw weapon” and “put away weapon” animations.

The room could also facilitate all the actions the character would need. Several inclines to demonstrate several animations at several steepnesses. A small body of water to demonstrate and hold code for swimming, a box by the edge to demonstrate both climbing onto a box and “diving into” the water. A rope to nowhere and a ladder to nowhere for climbing up and down. A wall with several panels of different angles to demonstrate climbing and animations for different inclines, maybe another panel with a faceted surface to demonstrate hand and foot climbing IK. Some spots for crawling, walking, running, etc. A door, a “room end/exit point” connected to a spawn point in the second room.

That second room might have an enemy, with an example of their various animations, weapon holding/dropping, their AI, etc.

I think its pretty obvious what I’m getting at. Do templates like this exist for Unreal and Unity, or ideally, for UpBGE, since I would like to use UpBGE for rapid prototyping directly within my primary creation environment.

Do they exist for sale? For free as gifts on some website? If not, and I were to some day build one for some game style or another (Zelda-like, or something else), what would be the places to sell it or give it away?


there are a few templates (@Cotaks @BluePrintRandom to name a few), but due to the highly flexibly nature of bge, a lot of us end up making our own stuff.

i attempted to make the most simple and generalized game framework, but it never caught on due to the complexity required of such an all inclusive solution.

You could have a look through the “BGMC” threads for a game similar to yours. BGMC is a week-long challenge to make a game to fit a theme. It’s usual for the participants to upload their blends.

Streaming_The_grid6.blend (3.1 MB)
this is for 3.0

and this
LADDERS_3X.blend (838.0 KB)
space = start climbing , q = climb up

and this
portals_3x_part2.blend (827.3 KB)

here is a character controller
state_machine_controller_swap_actors_record_animations[upbge]3.blend (1.6 MB)
it can also record animations (armature and dynamics etc)

Something like this???

Unity for sure has 2D and 3D game kits free.
For Blender. . . there are/were some 3rd person templates on blend swap.

The thread created asked for “UPBGE” templates… Not Unity ones. :-)

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" Does something like this exist for Unreal and/or Unity?"

" I think its pretty obvious what I’m getting at. Do templates like this exist for Unreal and Unity, or ideally, for UpBGE. . ."

in two different places.

I suggest you read it again.

we are getting there, but could use all the developers we can get.


UPBGE works fine for me just the way it is (2.79) Thanks to the programmers we have.
They have done a great job. I have no problems making games that will keep my 7 yr old occupied for hours. (and that’s priceless LOL)


Unreal also has games that you can DL to see how they are made. Not sure about using their assets. Check the Unreal forum if you’re interested.

Sadly, It appears that the 3rd Person Template I was speaking of, is no longer on Blend Swap, I don’t know why. I might have a copy on an external drive.

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