Game texture problem

Hi there,

I’m making a board game where the player have to
position some “titles” to create the board game turn
by turn. These titles use a 512 X 512 sise

I don’t think it’s too big but I realize it’s around limits.

The problem is that when these titles appear the first time in the game,
blender seem to start to half-load for some reasons

…I think it’s related to the fact that he didn’t loaded the texture into the ram previously
…I might be wrong…

…but still, I’d lov to know if there is a way to actually ask blender to load the ram with everything at start of the game rather than “while” we play the game.

Thanks ahead

any pics??

could you explain a bit better what you mean, post a blend file maybe…?


I can’t post a .blend since it’s top secret work…

…I could try to reproduce the problem on an empty scene.

…but I fear nobody have any clue about handling what and when blender “load” thing :frowning: