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i´m new to the gameengine in blender, and recently i´ve built a 3d enviroment where i want to walk freely, but i don´t know how to start…

i´ve tried search past posts, but couldn´t find anything like…

please if you could help, where can i download tutorials about interactive work like walk, climb stairs, open doors and such?

thanks a lot!

well if you can’t find what youre looking for in the tuts that are listed you can try my mini tut on how i made ‘mondo racer 2004’. it’s a very simple game, and so a very simple explanation.

  1. construct terrain. in the face select buttons within the edit buttons, set the active face to ‘collision’ and press ‘copy draw mode’
  2. add UV textures, and make some variation with vertex paint
  3. go into world buttons, and set physics from ‘none’ to ‘sumo’
  4. make a car
  5. select your car, go into realtime buttons, and press ‘actor’, and select ‘dynamic’
  6. adjust the size slider until the influence sphere is about the size of your car
  7. you have 3 empty rows, one for sensors, controllers, and actuators. press ‘add’ on all three which will give you some options
    8-for the sensor, change ‘always’ to ‘keyboard’, then click on the key field and press the up arrow.
    now link the sensor to the controller, by clicking on the little gold button of the sensor, and dragging the mouse over to the little gold button on the controller. then link the controller to the actuator in the same manner.
  8. now you have to specify some force, so you want the ‘motion’ actuator, but you may not know which way your car was facing when you added it, so set a high value in one of the upper fields, press p to start the game, and press the up arrow key. if your car goes flying off the the right, or straight up in the air, you know you got the wrong one. if it goes flying backwards instead of forwards, replace the positive value with a negative value.
  9. to play an anim within the game, like with the ghost or eel, make an anim, make the object into an actor, possibly a non dynamic one, set the sensor to ‘always’ or ‘near’, or ‘collision’ ( you get the idea ) and set the actuator to IPO, and specify the frames in the new field youll get. there are some other options too.
    …so, that is the basics,…if you load the blend, and click on the car, and go into the realtime buttons, you’ll get the idea. so basically, after you make your initial setup, just tweak stuff, until it works right, and also fool with the ammount of gravity your world has in the world buttons. Hope this helps!

Tried this lot?

Theres alot of blender games in there that you can look at to get an idea of what you want to do…theres alot of tutorials aswell.

If your still stuck then just ask, everyone will help you out :smiley:

Oh…thanks a lot!
you where right…i think next time ll spent more time searching :expressionless: