Game W.I.P-Added little video clip

Hey B.A, votrem I’m currently working on a game while I have time off life. I’m 16 and I have a lot of experience in graphic design, animation and digital media.
This thread is going to keep me motivated to work on the game, and hopefully I wil get tips from experienced developers here.
Rpg/ Platformer/ Action Adventure?
Main character (you) are a prisoner of a weak army. The army is at war with another opposing force and when they lose, you are told to finish off the other army (because your like an ex-warlord lol) The time period is kind of unknown, it will have elements from medevil times and the future, (swords and spaceships)

Current video:

What I need done:

Mesh/Rig -------------------- Done
Animations: Run, Jump, Slice, Magic Spell -------------------- Done
Animations: Crouch, Eat, Death, Hit, -------------------- Not Done
Textures: -------------------- Not Done


Mesh/Rig: ------------------- Not Done
Animations: Attack, Run, Death, Hit -------------------- Not Done
Textures: -------------------- Not Done

Mesh: -------------------- Not Done
Textures: -------------------- Not Done

Buildings, Trees ect…: -------------------- Not Done

Python Script help:
So far, I have no python in this game, its all logic bricks:
Right now, to rotate right or left, you press “A” or “D”, I would like it so that you can use the mouse to rotate instead so I can use “A” and “D” to walk sideways: -------------------- Not Done
I will add more later
Current Pics:

WOW this looks really good, and you have a great storyline. Can’t wait to see more.

I am also making a RPGish kind of game, the fall of lamron. lol

thanks man, and yeah i saw ur thread it looks pretty nice, maybe we could colab or something and get some good programmers, im pretty good at modeling but my programming skills arent that great

Very nice, looks like a good rig. I might have to get some rigging tips from you, the character in my current project is extremely limited. Thinking back my favorite games have always been the ones where the character seldom repeats the same movement. This morning I began looking at how to make him walk differently when on top of rocks an moving through certain areas.
Good work, let me know if you need help with texturing or anything.

You mean combind out projects? thats a good idea, but our story lines are so differant I dont think we could :smiley: plus yours is more if a FPS kind, and mind a RPG that i hope can me a MMO also.

i plan on making this a sort of rpg actually, but i was saying, maybe we could help each other out on our projects, maybe make a team or something, i dont mean combine them though, also i think i might need help with the enemies, right now i have basic artificial intelligence that works pretty good for now, basically, i have the enemy, i add a ray sensor that follows the character, and a radar sensor, and i press the “True” pulse button, and add an and controller, then i add the actuator, set it to “Track to”-player then i add another actuator to the same controller and set it to motion, make it move forward. so it moves forward everytime it senses the player. kind of complicated the way i explained it, but basically the object follows you lol

Asa J- read this tutorial:

Sure, I can help you. The only thing I can do good is building modeling, but other than that, graphic/logo design :smiley: lol

As you can see in my thread, I made a logo.

yeah im a graphic designer too actually, i compete in a lot of contests here in michigan

Awesome! Thats cool.

im having problems adding “weight” to my character, he just floats, and its really annoying… if anyone could help that’d be cool

nvm i figured it out, im happy now lol

LOL thats funny.

When do you think you’ll have a DEMO ready?

not any time soon lol, im on a mac and i have no idea how to publish it, i might have to save it on a pc first

Ah, macs are cool.

i just added another attack, he now can do magic spells (i used the particle tutorial shown in the sticky very useful) right now it looks pretty cool, its like goku doin one of those dbz attacks lol, and i made it so that when he is doing the magic spell, it pushes him back a little bit so it looks like there is real force coming from his spells, pretty tight, but im gonna get off for a while, time for the celtics to get they asses kicked peace

heres a lil video i put together, its low quality tho, i made the song too

Looks good!I can suggest a better video recorder for that:

ZDSOFT makes 2 programs, game recorder and screen recorder. (can you guess what they each do? :smiley: LOL)

for some reason the game recorder records all of blenders interface. Try it, you can make the frame rate lower so its not as jumpy.

on the download/product page, read it! they suggest a video codec you should use, and you should use it!

ill look into it, i ohpe it works for macs
edit: just checked it out, pc only

Ah, that stinks. Sorry :smiley:
what are you using now? if you can adjust the frame rate, lower it by 5-10 FPS. (frames per second)