gameBlender is dead?

(Yamyam) #1

Sara’s is not a April fool… :frowning:

(Guinness) #2

depressing … :frowning:

(gargola) #3

that sucks!

(sara) #4

who said it is dead.

(Yamyam) #5

Ok, You didn’t say it so. but I understood that your past topic means gameBlender is dead…

Was that your joke?

(wes1) #6

you think so huh that game engine is died, Whaite untill I will be bestanding in there offiche in Amsterdam we will going to see what i’m going to do with the NaN crew, than they can’t make nothing anymore. 8)


(gargola) #7

my personal opinion is that if the game engine of Blender dies,Blender will dissapear completely.(my personal opinion). :slight_smile: