"GameLogic.setLogicTicRate()" what does this do exactly?

hi… I’ve got a sphere that is driving around and a camera that uses a script to get the position of the ball… but it looks like the camera can’t keep up with the ball when it moves to fast… so besides moving the ball slower what could i do to increase how fast it runs the script?

what does the set logic tic rate do and how does it effect running a script? What is the default logic tic rate and what is it measured in?

You could parent the camera to the ball. If you want the ball to turn you could parent the camera to a vertex that you put in the center of the ball. You could also use the camera actuator to follow it. The logic tic rate is the number of pulses per second that the game cycles. Increasing it will basicly increase the speed of everything so probably won’t help you. The default is 60.

thanks for the info fireside. I’m busy exploring different ways of doing things for a game I’m developing… got a programmer helping now… which is sweet!

If your game is CPU intensive, you can lower the logic tic rate down to 30, and still get good results, and it will really relieve the CPU alot. Also, if physics are giving you a hard time, then you can change the physics tic rate.

the problem I’m having is that the script doesn’t appear to be updating fast enough… any idea how to fix this?