GamePlayer 2.1

(S_W) #1

Here is a little windows program which uses the Blender 3D Plugin.
Please tell me what you think of it.


(Monkeyboi) #2

There are four .exe files, and a billion of wiard .cab, .ocx and .dll files.

Installation instructions? 8)

Ohhhh… The wonder of this forums many odd options!

(S_W) #3

I updated the download. Now there is only one Setup.exe file and I also reduced the file size from about 3 MB to 1,74 MB.

(sara) #4

hey, it works!!

the only problem i had was that it changed my monitor hz resolution from 100 to 60.

(S_W) #5

Ok, I’ll try to fix this problem… :slight_smile:

(Yamyam) #6

Hello S_W,

I tried to install your tool, but this installer wrote over USER32.DLL and GDI32.DLL in Windows95, My PC can’t reboot…

and this tool doesn’t work with error dialog “Err13(14?) Type missmatch”.

Thank you.

(Slugger) #7

Hi S_W,

Work fine, it’s a great little tool. Thanx.

Runs on windows ME

(S_W) #8

Sorry Yamyam… :frowning:

I updated the site again…
Now you can also download only the files without any kind of installer.

(Yamyam) #9

Thank you S_W. I tried your file again.:slight_smile:

(some time later)

Sorry, Doesn’t work in Win95(typemismatch error).

(saluk) #10

Looks to be a neat program, unfortunately, I have the resolution problem too. It’s putting the refresh rate too high for my monitor, and making things pretty much unplayable.

(S_W) #11

I’ve updated my site again…
Now there is no stupid :x installer any longer!
There are only the files. :slight_smile: