Games Are Awesome SNES

Animation i worked last month…
total render and post production time was around 3 weeks…
available in Full HD 1080p
rendering engine used cycles
samples: 144
music: lindsey stirling - Crystallize
video editing also done in blender no external software used apart from photoshop for text.

Animation is about how games are better for you.
i wanted to say so much more in the video but rendering time is something which made it hard to create a longer video.

Thanks for watching in advance… ^^

This is superb! The music choice is great! The animation syncs perfectly with the audio. The camera movements were epic (Although I wasn’t too sure about the zooming at 0:55). Very professional.

I also loved how you mixed in the quotes. One thing: I disliked how black was grey in the whole video (It is especially apparent in full screen on a 4:5 display). Was this a side effect of post processing or something intentional?

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:
i actually that grey effect is because of i had to match the background with the animation in the starting of video cuz i scaled down the animation a bit towards the right lower corner so i had to match the rest of the background with the same color as was in the animation (area where is no spotlight). thanks next time i’ll try something else to keep things right… :slight_smile:

Aaah, the dog bone pad, it was a joy to have it in your hands. I’m a nintendo guy and even if I consider that the Genesis (here Megadrive) was also a good console, man, I hated the pad. It wasn’t even logical (three buttons in range). Noce tribute to one of the best video game system. Will you do the all system also? It’s not difficult at all. I’d suggest you to do it, it would be awesome. THe camera could also enter in the catridge connection socket, go in the circuits and fades with images of the game. Well, sorry if I go too far but your animation gave me emotions.
The American Super Nes was very beautiful also. I like his quadratic shape and those sharp edges.