GameShell (an open source portable game console) 3D model is opening

We are from and we use Blender as a product rendering solution, and all 3D models are also free to download from here soon:


Well ya just sold one :smiley:

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I love the colours, they go well with the theme.
Also a cool model + texture and nice reflections on the table :wink:

As a side note (not to say your take is not great :smiley: ) I would lose the bar codes on that corner (bellow the screen and facing forward). Maybe insert a sticker with some text on it representing both a gamers motto and the modular/personalisation levels of this gaming console. Make sure the sticker looks more like “human” applied and less perfect.

Personally since is so modular… I would add a small e-Ink screen to show stuff on it (like clock/time spent, battery, max pressure of button pressings or what not)

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IDK I kinda like the bar code. The e-ink screen is a pretty cool idea… Just on the side or below the controls or something

the colors make me think this is a technical type equipment, but turns out it’s a game system, but anyways that makes for an interesting combination.