Gaming Studio now Hiring!


I am hoping to create a new little studios for games! However, I cannot do this alone, which is why, I need YOUR help! I am looking for all skills, modelers, riggers, animators, programmers, etc! I have no studio name at the moment, but that will be decided on the first meeting! :smiley: Right now, I am making a project called “The Soul Catcher X;” however, I plan to change the last part because of most fans thinking it’s part 10! xD

Here’s some details of the project itself!
Type: Game
Genre: Horror/Action/Puzzle
Length: Well, it may be one game, or it might be a whole series! The studios will decide that eventually!
Assets needed: Animators, Riggers, Programmers, Voice Overs, etc. Again, most of this will be discussed on the first meeting. xD
What will I do: Well, I will help program the game. I’ve been in 2 years of technology classes that presented Blender programming.

How long it’s been worked on: Well, the original one I created (The Soul Catcher) as a student project took about 4 weeks and was very short. After that was over, I decided to make a remake of it that is NOT a student project. The Soul Catcher X and the studios has NOTHING to do with student projects or school! I’ve worked in this one for pretty much 2-4 months. :stuck_out_tongue:

I will give about 5 hours on average each day because I do have a life and I need to live it. :stuck_out_tongue: However, when I do work on it, I will actually try my best like all of you! :smiley:

How do you know I won’t quit? I live up to that “never give up” quote that goes around. I’ve met lots and lots of bumps in the road, but it never stopped me! For example, right now I have technical problems with the menu, but that didn’t stop me from hiring more people, planning, on working on some levels! I have lots of fans out there who are waiting out there for this game, and I won’t let them down! :smiley:

Here’s some skill that I have, it’s actually the menu of the game! I programmed an evil laugh to play when you clicked the start button, dialogue responding, font change, etc! [Due to error, I cannot upload it on this thread; however, I can arrange something else. xD]

Recognition/Credits- Everyone evolved will receive FULL CREDITS inside and outside of the game! There will be no claiming that I or someone else did one of your biggest parts! Not to mention that in the studio, you will receive FULL CREDIT! You may choose your full name, full first and one last initial, or just an username of yours! You played a role, you get to choose how to credit yourself!

Profit Share- Generally, I’d like to make the game free to download the first day to week of its release! When that does wear off, we can make the game at a price and the money made will be evenly splitted up. However, I cannot make all the decisions of the studios, so we can also discuss this in the meeting.

Experience with Skilled Professional: EDIT I have a modeler who applied for the studios! Their username is tadine, check them out! :smiley:

I’d prefer if this studios could communicate via Skype and can email Blender files via email for quick sending! (We all know Skype takes FOREVER to send files like those. XD) However, if you do not have Skype, we can arrange another plan such as Google Hangouts or whatever you got!

If we have a meeting and you are not there for any reason, do not worry! We understand if you have to miss a few, but if you miss too many, we may have to arrange something! Missing a meeting is no problem, we’ll basically just summarize what we talked about to you in the best way!

So, how will we share same files? We won’t necessarily share the SAME files because the works will override each other; however, we have something called Append in Blender that allows you to get objects with all features like coding and bring them into the main file!

What does the studio plan to do after completing The Soul Catcher X? Again, that will be decided in a meeting some day! We will decide as a team if we want to continue the series or if we want to do a brand new game! Remember, this is a studios, so I don’t make all the decisions myself.

If you have any questions what-so-ever or want to join, please don’t be afraid to reply to this thread or PM me! Thank you for your interest.

If you’d like to join, please try to use this format:
How Many Hours Can I dedicate:
Skype Username: (If you don’t have on, please give another form of contact other than your phone number!)

I’m a female voice actor and would love to help if you need it! :slight_smile:

Sorry for the late reply but when I need a female voice actor, I’ll definitely come to you! ^-^

Shadow Pro

I would like to animate for you and possibly voice over. I am currently new to animating, but have some experience animating biped models.

If you ever need any sci-fi gun sounds, just visit my store (checkout my signature) or pm me if you want specific sounds.

If you need a programmer email me at [email protected]. That would be amazing.

Hey, if you need some help with modeling or texturing I can help you out.

Skill: Voice acting
How Many Hours Can I dedicate: As much is needed.
Skype Username:neverpure

Still looking??? check out my website

Skill: 3D Generalist
How Many Hours Can I dedicate: half time
Skype Username: juliovii

Username: NoblePride
Skill: Animator
How Many Hours Can I dedicate: half time
Skype Username: someoneasian

I can make scary sound effects. Just tell me what you need.

My email,
[email protected]

I could do some moddeling and texturing, E-mail me at [email protected].