Gang of noses - A nose study

These are some noses I made to try to improve my sculpting. After trying to scuplt the whole face and ending up with something that looked similar to Voldemort’s on the back of Quirrell’s head…:see_no_evil: I decided to take it step by step and master the different parts of the face first. I used a chart with different types of noses by Macawnivore as reference (see below).

This is the complete reference chart:

I hope you like it and… I don’t know, tell me which one is your favourite? :sweat_smile:Is there such a thing as a favourite nose? :rofl:

Feedback is appreciated, both on the sculpting and on the lighting. I was unsure while rendering these on what is the best way to light these “display” pieces, as well as on which is the colour that will make the sculpt details more disinguishable, so feeback on that or links to resources are greatly appreciated.



nice work !!! i like the macho one !!!