Gangster game: [Mafia City H5] Closed Beta Test

I have done a html5 game named [Mafia City H5]

Mafia City H5 version is available Now!

now Closed Beta Test!

The game combines strategy with elements of Global Server MMO and bringing about the most heated battle along with the most diverse interaction community, producing near realistic rushing sensation.

The player will take the role of a Mafia Boss starting a crusade engulfed in battles and cunningness, aiming to be King of the underworld! All the forces in the world are on the move, gaining fame and acknowledgement. How will you manage your men, gang and clan? Leading them and overpowering your enemies? How will you expand your family and become a Godfather!

those are the most un-Mafia looking characters i’ve ever seen.

I don’t know who you’re paying for your advertisement, but they are doing their job. I already got 5 or so ads to play your game on my phone while I was trying to read some webnovels.