Gantz: Hachiro Oka Super Suit

Ok, this crap just erase my entire post so I have to rewirte u.u

yeah I’m pissed…

But oh well its been a while since last time I logged in here
you know blender is such a time sucker…

but we all love dont we?

finnally had some time (kinda, I should be doing other shit) to share with you guys one of my latest pieces.

so let me cut the crap and get to the point:


this one i made it a while ago, about 6 months… But today i oppened that old file and did some mayor changes to the rig and making the model less heavy, also worked on the materials, because this render was made on an external engine.

NOW this is what i came up with today

Rendered in Blenders RE, and Im amazed by it. because I honestly think it kinda sucks
anyway i made some color correction in photoshop, and well that was the end result,

hope to hear some opinnions on the pictures, and let me know what you all think : D


nice images!

some wires?

WOW, very Hollywood style. Well done!

would love to see some high res renders and wires :slight_smile:

great work

i really like how well they fit in with the scenery - really awesome stuff

5 stars from me

Awesome work, I saw some episodes of the series and it came out very good. The lens flare is a grat touch, hope to see some wires :slight_smile:

top quality stuff ! this is what i like to see around here, objects that blend well with the background.

Thank you all for your support :smiley:

@natholas you can find the bigger versions of the render in flickr theres a link of it on the “Making of” post

and as for the wires, I believe you´re talking about the wireframe to see the topology and yeah I´ll upload some of those when im at home, but I warn you to expect chaos, since for the body I made the mistake of sculpting it instead of just modeling u.u

However I made a post with an overview on how I made this
if you´re interested, its here :smiley:
Making Of

Hope this helps :smiley:

It’s seeing that stuff like this can actually be made in Blender that makes one want to continue :slight_smile:


In the first image the arms look way to heavy relative to the rest of the body but the second image seems to fix the problem. Dunno if it’s the different angle or if you changed something though.