(Anton Ilmyanov) #1

Terrain created procedurally using adaptive subdivision and micropolygon displacement, Jupiter is a photo.

(uruburei) #2

that is wonderful

(foxrender) #3

very nice work. it’s beautiful.

(3pointEdit) #4

Wow, nice ice and rocks. Does not look procedural at all!

(3pointEdit) #5

Did you use Filmic? And how did you create the lens flare, was it just photoshoped?

(Anton Ilmyanov) #6

Thanks everyone!

Yep, I used Filmic. The lens flare is created from photos that I made using a flashlight.

(3pointEdit) #7

You should look up the next object that Nasa will be flying by, put up some imagery before it for social media to hang promotions off. It gather you some profile :wink: