This is just a project I started on yesterday, but I have’nt really had time to finish it yet…
It’s based on a character in an anime program called “Naruto”.I’m planning on doing a short on him…but before I do that I first need to finish him properly So I just posted what i’ve done up to now, just to get some comments or advice?It would be appreciated!thanx
I’ve also posted a reference picture, but I was’nt going for exactly the same thing…much work is still needed!

What still needs to be done: (what I can see)

  • UV mapping for the body still needs to be done, and I’m not finished rigging him yet, so unfortunately this is the only view of him so far…
  • hair needs to be made properly…if anyone maybe knows how I can do pointy hair?I tried using the mesh that creates the particles,by turning the Normals around and making them extrude from only the vertices, but then you have no control, and it also does’nt look so good…
  • The red cloth at the back around the gaurd(I think that is what it is)That looks like it for now…atleast the major problems…

pss.oh, and his head does look too big, but that is only because he neck is bent forward. This creates fore-shortening.


His face is too wrinkly. Other than that it’s good, especcialy since it’s a person(the hardest thig to do in 3D)

Don’t forget the black circles around the eyes! It wouldn’t look like garaa without them.

very cool already, good work! I can’t wait to see updated models and animations!

mesh tools - smooth might help get his face less wrinkly, only select the parts that need it or you will lose detail fast. I am just a newbie so there are probably better ways of fixing the wrinkles, but that way has worked for me on a face I made

yea, that’s true…can’t go wrong with those black eyes… :slight_smile: The reason I chose Garaa, is because I think you can make some excelent animation with sand, by using particles!

Iv’e got smooth on, but I think the problem lies with the fact that I have to many vertices, or edge loops that run next to each other, which makes the folds more visible.This happens when I go beyond the face, and add some edgeloops on the rest of the body.Then it also creates some edge loops on the face.I’ll see what I can do.

The other thing about the face that bothers me is the fact that it kinda looks too non-angry/disturbing (if you know what I mean)…so I’ll also do some modeling there.

Thanx for the advice so-far!

LOL im watching the show right now!

…good times…good times… :slight_smile:

I am not talking about “set smooth”. The option I am talking about moves the vertices and takes wrinkles out of a mesh. It is in mesh tools. I included a picture of the button i am talking about, and an example of taking wrinkles out of a face by using it. I did this because im a big naruto fan and garaa is one of my favorite characters :smiley:

I am a newbie so this might not be the best method, but it works and I think it will help you.

Ah, the smooth button!..wonders, oh wonders!Why don’t I know about this?Where did I miss it?I think im starting to abuse the poor thing, but this is how my latest render came out…(not so much has changed, just minors…it’s 5 in the morning, so im not at my best!) :slight_smile:

If there are anymore folds/wrinkles in the face that are visible…can you maybe just state where…sometimes when you stare at something/work on something for too long, you don’t notice certain things!thanx

Let know if there are any other changes neccassary!

changes made:

  • hair:I added a texture, so that it gives a more spiky effect, might play around with it a bit more…not completely satisfied just yet…
  • eyes:tried a more ‘Garaa’ looking eyes…it’s already giving it a more ‘psyco’ kinda look…Im not talking about the eyes themselves, but more the eye sockets
  • made the guard a bit lighter(light)
  • made the strap a bit bigger
  • and the head is moved back now, so the proportions don’t look too much out(bear in mind, it’s a manga character with a cartoon type of affect, so the proportions will be a bit different to normal)
  • toon affect:im considering a toon affect, but blenders toon affect(or what I know about it) does’nt seem to be good enought…as I zoom out, the lines become too thick, and the hair kinda vanishes when it’s enabled!Help there would be appreciated!Postmodern_Boy: Thanks for the “smooth” button, you’ve saved my life!And I’ll keep you updated on any changes…unfortunately im busy with exams, so it might take some time to finish! :frowning:

…but ill try!


Oh, yeah. Smooth is probibly one of the best things to hit Blender. Are you using Blender Internal renderer? I’m making a shader for that thign on his back. Would you like to see it?

I am not a Naruto fan, more of I don’t have cable…than not a fan; so I don’t know what your aiming for. It just seems that his hands are extremely large, and your reference pic has a strange angle…so I not too sure.

Just finished watching the show tonight. This episode showed just how evil this character is, so I feel your model is to cutesy to do him justice.

wow great model so far! I’d have to agree with jestmart. Far to cutesy, he needs to have a look of hidden power. Hard to do i know. But thats what i think. Great work so far though! Great detail.

Ok, I seriously need to go do my work now!I just can’t seem to stay away from this computer for long enough!But, that’s Blender for you! :smiley:

I know that the hands and feet, and even the head is a bit big compared to the body, but that’s the idea.It’ll look better once iv’e rigged him(more natural)…

But this is the latest update…

I know he has that look of utmost evil (I’ve only seen a few episodes, I live in South-Africa, and here you get peasants TV if you don’t want to open the wallets)…but for now I’m only looking for a base model, which can be moved easily (shape keys), so I don’t want to change too much just yet!

But thanx again for the comments! :stuck_out_tongue:

ps.not finished just yet, bet decided that I don’t actually need to add a UV onto the body(for now?)…just used vertex groups.
Still much work needed…


I’d totally forgotten about the smooth button :rolleyes:

Not the best method. If you’re going for precision you want the verticies where they are rather than having them moving

That’s true, but that is why it’s so nice…because you can select only the parts you want to smoothen out.And keep those parts that you want to have the folds or creases in!

The new picture looks a lot better than the first one. Big improvements! :slight_smile:

About the toon shader and toon edges. well, the toon edges are just plain terrible in animations as you have already noticed. I don’t even use the toon shader either because cell shaded effects using the ramps are better in my opinion.

You really, really need to give this a toon shader… It will look so much more like Gaara…

I agree about the toon shader. I really am not feeling the excessive black eye “shadow”. South Africa huh? I am up in Alaska, so I guess we have really hot and really cold. Enough with geography class. Keep up the good work and good luck with your real work.


That last one looks alot better, and I like the hair. speaking of smooth, you can press wkey and smooth is one of the options, and there are many others in the wkey menu you will need as you model.

maybe make some hair to come down in spikes over the forehead like the toon, and make his eyes bigger.

Nice version gaara of the sand

I was planning to do Naruto some day, when my blender skills get better.

Can wait you make it finished.