Garage scene

I’m starting to get more in to renders and less in to the game engine on (don’t know why) and I’ve been taking all sorts of tuts so I can get more photo realistic renders

I took the tire and wheel ones on and made this scene out of it

I’m going to be adding more and changing stuff so keep checking in

render time was 25 minutes


Your toolbox looks a bit short to me. I have one of those double-stack mechanic’s tool box setups like you show, and it’s about 65" tall. Roughly. A standard door is 80", so only about 15" taller. Besides, a big toolbox is like an ego thing for garage guys…

But you’re off to a good start.

okay I resized the toolbox like you told me to klaatuteela and added a clock… the clock need some work though


Perhaps if you added a bit more clutter to the room, make it look a bit more disorganized. Right now it looks a little too tidy.

just rolling the tyres over the floor would make rubber scuff marks. The clock is huuuuuuge! Not sure I could even lift it up onto the wall? How do you jack up the car to fit the tyres? Maybe a roll on lift? Most tyre garages have an air hose around for presurising the tyres once fitted. The tyres are to block, maybe subd them some more, and that texture on the tiles looks weird on the step.

Good job tho’.

you could fix your floor texture to be better-the “tiles” should not have the little circle nobs between the two colors. the proportion looks a bit off, maybe try a slightly lower camera angle? and maybe move the camera in/out and change the lens angle some. Reflection on the rims would be nice. to get even more picky, give the tool box a slight brushed texture along a horizontil axis. rotate the wheels on the box more random. whatever light you are using, make it a spot and give the shadows some softness. really a nice start though.