Garden 19 Restaurant 11

The importance of choosing colors.


Nice tones and mood. Any information about modeling and rendering ll be welcome.

It was rendered with the bone studio version of blender 2.9
500 samples and 1500x1500 px. About 5 minutes for frame with RTX2080ti.

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So beautiful,How do you light it?

HDRI and point lights where there are lamps. Normally I use spot lights but in this case, with this lamps that emit light in all directions I preferred to use point lights

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Could I ask one more question.Have you adjusted the exposure and gamma?

I make all these adjustments in postproduction

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Thanks very much

Sorry to bother you again.Here’s another question,Which option do you choose for the view transform.Filmic? or Standard?

Fílmic with Medium high contrast :blush:

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Thank you :smile:

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You are so generous

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