Garden Gate

I think I finally need to walk away from this one, but any criticism and advice is very much appreciated.
Rendered with Cycles and some post processing done in Blender and in Photoscape.
The girl was made with Makehuman



I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Nice atmosphere and gate
But I feel that it lacks a point of interest, the gate gets my attention, but there’s nothing there.
I also feel that the lighting is a bit all over the place

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I love BlenderNation, that is unexpected. Thank you for the feature!

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I agree, I really struggled with the lighting on this one. Thank you for the feedback

You need a focal point for this picture like what Jacob_Potter said.
Basically, a focal point for a picture says what the picture is about.
The viewer’s eyes lock onto the focal point and the picture has impact.

Please Google or what ever you use to search for, “Art Theory: Composition”.
There is a lot to this subject.

Depending on what you want to show, this will affect your lighting.
Then there is the question of,“What sort of mood do you want to evoke?”

Take your time because this can get very complicated.
Sometimes being atmospheric can clash with realism.

Kudos on your picture so far.