Garden - personal project

Hi guys!

This personal 3D project originated from a photo reference and then I transformed it according to my imagination. It is made in Blender + Octane and I am using quite a lot of photo scanned Megascans models.

This is how it looks in Blender before I push F12 for final render…

But before I can do that, there is a lot of work…

Today I would like to show you one final view in 2 different lighting conditions.

Which one do you prefer? Let me know what you think.


WOW! Spectacular

Worked for a landscape architect for 7 years, have NEVER seen a nature render this good (thankfully was not my task :innocent:)

Thank you!
As it was a personal project (means without deadline and budget was my time) I could enjoy it and play with details. :smiley:

if you want to compare lighting next to each other

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That’s awesome! I prefer the first one :smiley:


Great job. First is more natural for me.

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Nice work.
I like the one on the right best.
The lighting looks softer/smoother and more inviting, leading the eyes to the glass dome.
I also like the glass reflection with the softer lighting.

Did you alter the color temperature of the lighting?
The timber pathway is a different shade

I like both of them, but in the second you can see also country behind,glass tent" don’t you miss it in the first one? But you are right we cannot have everything at once. Thank you for your opinion

Yes, I did notice in the second image, there is less light refraction and less distortion of the background through the glass dome.
To me it kind of creates the illusion that the glass is more transparent and disappears into the surrounding landscape…kinda cool :+1:

You’re right, we can’t have everything at once :upside_down_face:

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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Lovely! The first one is more clear.
I think it’s still a little hard to make out what’s happening though, mainly because there’s a lot of visual information coming through the sphere from the other side, mixing it with the background. So I’m not sure exactly what you could do, maybe, find a way with lighting/composition to block some of that background “noise”

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Thank you!

Wow. It looks wonderful. I like how you were able to make it look accurate from the reference image as well as interpreting your idea into the scene, which makes it look unique.

Peaceful and lovely images ! awesome :slight_smile: both are beautiful. Well if i have to make a choice i prefer the first one, clearer with more light. Thanks

A futuristic building that blends naturally.
I like these designs very much.

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Beautiful images!
I would prefer the first one as the blue-ish lighting gives that subtle contrast to the greenery.
May I ask how you created the trees and foliage in general? The gnarly tree in the upper right corner looks reaaly great :astonished:


It looks gorgeous! I’m curious about the creation of the right side tree. Thanks!

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Super! Would like to have such garden with colorful pillows) First one I like more.

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Great job! Briilliant. Plant are from megascan?

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