Gardener - Bushes,Hedges & Shrubs Creator

Gardener - Bushes,Hedges & Shrubs Creator

Gardener is the new essential tool to create photorealistic bushes, hedges, and shrubs in 1 click! Thanks to its large collection of plantspecies from the 5 continents, Gardener offers you no less than 39 varieties ofplants as well as 45 models of trunk and 96 biomes. It’s more than 350 assets total.

Model shapes and automatically transform them into photorealistic bushes!

The creation of bushes, hedges or shrubs becomes easy and fast for architects, designers, landscapers or any other CGArtist.

We have carefully selected the most common species of bushes & shrubs on the planet to satisfy all users. Each asset has high-quality textures with a PBR workflow to enhance your scenes in all lighting conditions.

Thanks to its multi-usage shaders it becomes easy to change the season, add color variations in leaves, cut them like a gardener! Moreover, they are totally compatible with Cycles and Eevee.

The simple and intuitive add-on gives you access to many customizable parameters, making each shrub unique. Creating a well-pruned garden is fast and easy thanks to the 96 biomes.

Gardener will be 100%compatible with the upcoming Scatter5 plugin, the best scattering plugin on the market.

A large library of various trunks is available to add natural support to your designed bushes shapes.

thanks to the premade shrub & bushes biomes them you can design your own garden with only a few clicks. They are included in Gardener and are fully customizable. The various 96 biomes form the catalog to set dress your scenes.


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All Future update, including 3.0 release, included

This looks like a great addon. Would it be possible to make art directed trees with this? I do a lot of stylized art and trees, like the ones in Frozen 2 with shaped canopies, are a big pain.

we have some trees with this shape;)
this shouldn’t be a problem.

Lovely add-on again guys, only played around with it a couple of minutes so far, but I got a couple of sugestions realy regarding all the add-ons.

I think it would be nice if we could have (or atleast a preferance) to have all in one tab, n panel relestate is at a premium and saving some space there is always good, atleast until Blender does a bit of a revamp to make it a bit more “readable” when you have a lot of add-ons using n panel.

Second thing, and I think this goes for more of the add-ons you have with slight variations, is if it would deselect everything and select only the just added asset, like the trunks in Gardener. When I add a trunk I have to go look for it amongst the leafs if i just want to scale it a bit for instance, which would be a breeze if it was “auto selected”. Vegitation and Transportation adds the newly added asset to the current selection if I am not mistaken, would be lovely if they would do the same thing. Might be good as a preferance if someone prefers it the way it is, but a lot of other asset managers and similar add-ons do this by default.

Just my two cent, looking forward to putting this new add-on into production, cheers :slight_smile:

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Hi Elk,

Thanks a lot for your message. he’s very interesting.
Regarding the selection, you are right. we will update it in the next version;)

Regarding the N panel, again, you are right, it may be interesting to put everything in one “Bproduction” panel.

I will discuss it with my team.

thank you again for your encouragement;)
see you soon


I second this, doing everything in one n-panel.

At least until Blender offers us a better addon-on management.


hello nice addon,
one question!,
where is the scatpack for scatter5 or is it not official yet?
blendermarket only show me the


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Hi Walter,

I had to remove the .scatpack for the moment because Scatter5 is not ready yet. he was a little late. I should be able to add them in a few days :slight_smile:

sorry for the setback
see you soon,


Hi @walt1
All external scatpacks will come soon after release

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Thank you …

… both for the info. :+1:

I want to clarify some terms first. It seems the Blender community uses the word “Landscaping” as making relief meshes like mountains. I use the word “terrain” for that. A Google search of Landscaping will produce Landscapers, people who manage plants.
My question is, Anyone using Blender for Landscaping Design to plan clients Landscaping?
thanks for any insight