Garmin Edge 500

I just finished this model and wanted to share. I’m still getting the hang of the modeling aspect. Kept working on various things and they weren’t turning out very well. Then someone gave me an interesting piece of advice. They said, choose something that your intimately familiar with. Something that you know every in and out, every nook and cranny. Scratches and all. I looked around my desk and found my trusty Garmin. I’ve spent close to 600 hours with this little thing over the last year and half of cycling. We’ve been through a lot. I know how it feels, know the textures, the colors. Everything.

So I started modeling and well I have to say, that advice seems to have worked. I’m really happy with how it came out.

I plan on compositing it into a photo on the desk next to the real one. But that’ll be another day. Night time here and I don’t have my studio lights on hand.

Please let me know what you think.

Very nice Jar! I like how you took something around your house and used it for inspiration. Great work!

Ok, got around to comping it into a still image as reference. Turns out it’s really hard to fake something when you put it right next to the real thing. It’s not perfect but I’m happy with it and calling it a day. Can’t see straight anymore after this… to many adult sodas. Anywho, all done in Blender, Cycles. No post work outside of Blender. All corrections and comping done in Blender. I hope you like it.

The one on the right almost looks like it’s about to fall off the hand, but otherwise, nice job!

Good job on this, I think you got about as close as you can hope for. The only tiny difference I can see, is a very slight difference in the text that is printed on front blue edge.

I can remember when first learning to model in 3d, I did the exact same thing, I started with some stuff that was just laying on my desk. Unfortunately my first models did not turn out near as good as yours. :slight_smile:

Gradyp: Thank you. Yeah I kind of agree. I shot a few reference shots and while “technically” that’s how it would sit in that position on my hand, I probably should have taken the artistic license and “fixed” it. I always get hung up on technically correct vs visually acceptable. I spent a few to many years as a technical studio product photographer.

harelynut97: Thanks for the comment. I found out what font Garmin uses but I couldn’t find a copy of it. After at, my bad habits kicked in. I might have to re-explore that in the near future.