mostly photoshop for texture work, i guess, but still. the base was blender :smiley: i find post process the most enjoyable of 3d works

I wish I was as good at post processing as you. I like it, although judging from his face it looks less healthy inside the mask. Nice work though!


:o :o :o

man traitor, you are one of my favorite artists here on elysiun, and this must be some of your best work yet. that is just so cool

i love the style of ho you can telll it was done with a tablet

at first though i couldn’t tell that it was made in blender, untill you said so

Perfect mood. The eyes, the camera position, everything. The only thing that could have been better is the gas mask itself. Great job.

Wow! Great piece of art Traitor. I do wish that there was a more detailed background though…a city in ruins comes to mind.

Is this realy all made in blender? And did you use toon shades?

%| :wink: no toon shader, i hate that freakin thing :smiley:

here is the concept i scribbled up (thanks MATS110;) ):

and here is the render pre-post-process :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Traitor cool work but probably there could be a bit more action in the Background. But i realy like the Picture.


I like it. Nice paint over.


i think its a very nice paint over to.

but maybe a little scetchy ? i dunno, i think it would look really slick if it had harder lines and some(more interesting) background shading.

Nice concept. very good post proc. I love gas masks. Good job.

short question: did the mask have the seam (i think thats what its called, but you know what im talking about) before you post processed?

Nice job. I outta try something like that someday. The paintover really adds a nice touch. Did you use a Wacom or a mouse? Seems like it would take a while with a mouse.

Thanks :smiley:

Yes it did, you can see on the version before post processing.

Yep, wacom Intuos 2 Platinum :smiley: mouse is like drawing with a bar of soap :wink: