Gatling Gun (Update 10-15)

Updates at bottom:
My latest project, currently only have base object modeled out, still need environment and such. C&C wanted :smiley:

BANG BANG BANG!!! :< The image almost show the recoil on that thing. Nice render.

very nice gun and excellent modeling.
is it on a tank or building or something? i can’t tell.

Looks alright but but too much abuse of chrome :expressionless:

New materials (better chrome :stuck_out_tongue: ) and starting to develop a better mount (unstaid of a box). C&C wanted

It looks like you used OSA already but you might need to use the material OSA too that was added in 2.34 for the metal.

The gun is looking good but I think the environment could use some work. I doubt anyone would attach a 200lb gun to a piece of driftwood ;).

Also, use set smooth on the base.

I would! But oh wait… that’s right, I’m crazy…

Agree with oxrules.
Osa material too.But it’s very good!
You could put a rusty metal just to test.

mounting work, still need to develop side supports and dampener, but aside mount is done. C&C always welcome :smiley:

Nice, but I still can’t help but feel like the entire model is unrealisticly shiny and perfect. Maybe this is what it would look like if it came out of the factory of perfection, just two minutes ago? :wink:

But blah, perhaps I shouldn’t be complaining. It looks great.

imo :smiley:
Great modling

Hm. You know what? It looks better on my laptop monitor.