I’m working of a gauntlet as part of suit of armor, and there are some parts that I’m not sure about. My main concern is about the palm and the area where the thumb attaches to the rest of the hand. What are your recommendations for it?


The palm of a gauntlet needs to match the curvature of the wearers own palm.
Most gauntlets don’t cover the palm area (in some cases they don’t cover the underside of the fingers), this area is instead covered by a layer of chain mail or leather.

This would add more poseability to the fingers and better grip to weapons.

If you squeeze your own thumb to meet the bottom of the hand as much as you can, you’ll see that having metal on the palm area would prevent this level of posabilty.

heres a quick pic i found on the net that might help.

Thank you for the reference pic, do you think the new look is an improvement?


Big improvement. removing the underside wasd a good choice my friend =3.

Theres no more crits from me
Can’t wait to see more

Thanks to everybody who posted, however I’m not sure if I should do the same for the boots. Ignoring the unusual shape, what changes do you think I should make (if any)?


The boots. I need advice on them.

First, the articulated plate segments, just as in the gauntlet, should NOT go all the way around. The boot sole needs to be exposed on the bottom, as steel plates do not provide much traction.

Second, the articulation is in the wrong part of the foot (assuming this is a human foot or something very similar in anatomy). A boot or shoe bends mainly at the ankle and at the ball of the feet, not in the instep–take a look at your own feet and shoes as you bend them and put weight on them to see this. Many medieval sabatons, however, have long pointy toes, which makes it a little difficult to judge from the picture how the articulation points relate to the human foot inside.

A google image search for “sabaton” will return lots of pictures of some band, and a few good references for you.

Happy blending!

Thanks for your advice on the sole of the boot. However, I did a search on the word ‘sabaton’, but all of relevant results showed a design that was pretty similar to what I have already - the articulation in the examples is in the same location as it is in my model.