Gauss Pistol

I had posted this before, but was unaware of the 15 post threshold to be able to use links so it never showed up. I’m going to try again now that I’ve padded my numbers and see what happens.

This is a model of a Gauss Pistol that I’ve been working on. I intend to use this hi poly mesh to generate the low poly and then the normals. I apologize in advance for the psychedelic color scheme, but I use it to help me identify different parts or sections of the mesh.

I’m going to attempt to use links so as to spare those with limited bandwidth and low resolution(images are 1024x768).

Here is a link to a (very low res) youtube clip showing it’s basic operation:

My primary concerns are the funkiness on the “inside” of the triggerguard. I’m not sure if that’s due to a rendering setting, or problems with the normals, or something else. There’s a few areas of the geometry that I just can’t seem to get to cooperate, mostly transitional areas.

Anyway, what do you think?


In addition to the other concerns, I’m also looking for feedback on the styling. I haven’t had time to work on any modeling stuff lately, so there unfortunately hasn’t been any progress on this little project. Eventually I’ll get around to texturing and whatnot, but right now I’m still looking for some feedback. Tell me what you think,


the colours are a bit garish… a clay render - nearly white, non reflective material, light background and less black shadows would help this as an image no end…, though, i know your not concerned with renders at this stage, just the model… 3dsmax makes everything different colours like this, regardless of material, which is quite handy. if you use yafaray you can colour code the mesh and use yafaray textures over the top to change it at render time. that sounds far harder than it is though, its dead easy

the funkiness you mention looks either very high mesh details with some creasing or something similar. the render is just showing them up becuase of the specular level you have…