GBA modelling session

We hang around with two of my friends to try some subsurf modelling today. We decided to start modelling a gameboy SP that we had.

Shaded View

This is what we have after the first session. We’ll try to pick up from there for the next session.

The issues we bumped into were mainly selecting all th appropriate edges for tweaks as we have dnesed the mesh maybe too early for the sharper edges.


We really love how one can lock the axis or plane by pressing X,Y or Z after action. Especially for having both global and object local axes. One thing that would be really nice and consistent with this behavior would be to provide object-local views as well. Pressing 3,3 would for example show the object’s ZY view… etc.

Also if anyone is willing to join our sessions in Liberec, Czech Rep. feel free to ping me.

object-local views as well.

In 2.40a (I’m not sure about 2.37) you can select View->Aigne-> Top

I think that’s where it is. I’ll have to check it when I get home.

There’s some deformation where the hinge connects with the lower part.

I agree with thelonesoldier on the hinged. It’s either that tri there, or straitening out the ring cuts, or scale all of the vertices on that plane to actually be on a plane.