GE and animation trouble

Greetings all,
I seem to have stumbled into a few roadblocks.

So I created a little toon, kind of like the gingerbread tutorial. He looks fine enough for playing around. Then I rigged him up and setup some poses for him.
He does:
wave hi (frames 11-41)
jumping jack (frames 46-66)
shake each limb once (frames 71-111)

Now, if I render this animation (frames 1-120) and play it back it plays and looks just fine.

My problem comes when i put the guy in the game engine.
I want to setup actuators to play the animations…
So if I hit w, he waves if i hit j he jumps, or if i hit s, he shakes a leg.
From the tutorial i’ve read, I simply setup a keyboard sensor, ‘and’ controller, and IPO actuator with type ‘play’ and set the frames for the ranges I want…

However, this isn’t working for me.
Does the logic get set on the mesh? On the armature?
Do I have to specify the AC:Action somewhere?

I have successfully bound other keys to other things (like reset scene, move, or rotate) without problem, so I know that much is working.

My second problem is that the guy is standing inside a cube.
And when I set the mesh (or the armature) as a dynamic actor, and start the GE, he just flies off into infinity, through the walls even. Different directions, depending on what thing or combination of things I have set as the dynamic actor.

Any help here resolving these two issues would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you!

oh apparently i’m in blender 2.45

*on an unrelated note (probably off topic) i’ve tried to export to crystalspace using, and the world, meshes, and even animations go over, but when they get there, they are just grey. The lights are incredibly dim. Any suggestions there too?

Thx all :slight_smile:

Hey. To do this, setup the animation logic on the armature. To use actions, use the action actuator, not the ipo to do animations of things, like you have. You may want to use different actions, rather than one long one with different start and end values for the action actuator. Set the armature to be dynamic; DON’T set the mesh to be dynamic. You can set it to be a ghost, but your mileage may vary.

I got the logic working and animation responding to keyboard actuators.

On the other issue, I found that when i reduce the radius of the dynamic actor, it doesn’t bounce around as much or get flung off into oblivion. The tradeoff seems to be that it sinks a little into the floor, and the edge of the object doesn’t collide with other things.

Anyway I seem to be able to progress on from here, thx!