Gear Box

My First Model on Blender Artist Community

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That looks very good – but it needs a third light-source behind the camera to fill in the shadows on the front of the box, beneath the circular thing and so on. Pull a “Histogram” on the image and look for spikes: the curve shape should be mostly like a bell.

And the rust looks to me – how do I say it – obligatory. As though people in the real world don’t know how to take care of their equipment with a simple coat of paint. A well-used machine in an out-of-the-way corner of the shop might have dirt on it, especially where there might be some tiny oil leak, but to my eye “metal == rusty” is beginning to be a CG trope.

(In the real world, that piece of machinery was probably given a [non-paint] protective coating that will last … forever.)

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Thanks for appriciation and advice sir

Moved thread to Works in Progress

And welcome to the BA community :slight_smile: A neat model indeed, hope to see more from you.

I guess super dirty and too much rust or oil

also bottom bolts are a bit low res
and only top part no bottom for the bolts
a bit unrealistic !

but good beginning overall

was it done in cycles 2.79?

happy cl

Yes blender 2.79 and cycles