Gear reducer

This is my last mechanical project: 1:3 Gear reducer. Designing and modeling was made wit Solidworks 2005 (with 2 of my friends). The carter shape is all mine :stuck_out_tongue:
This is a Yafray render

C & C are welcome


Very nice man, the only thing that concerns me is the texture where the gasket meets the metal (on the metal itself) it just looks like a cloud texture ^^

I like it!

Lighting is very good and materials too.

CAM / CAD always produces great works, because its geometrically perfect :slight_smile:
about the renders though, I liked the lighting and the colours, but you may want to tweak the textures a little, its looking a bit artificial.
Good stuff


Nice design there. I have to agree about the texture work though. The overall shaders seem fine, (i.e. spec levels, etc.), but the obvious cloud textures and stuff really do not do it justice.


Humm… I like that texturing a lot, IMO he is trying to reproduce Galvanized Stainless Steel with procedural texturing. In the first render the effect is great, but I agree that in the others is not so good.

BTW, to blur Yafray reflections:

First, great images. I agree the galvanized stainless texture was convincing to me, maybe reduce the specular a bit. I think the cap screws are a little too clean, don’t show enough depth of texture. Try adding some machining marks/scars on the shafts and bearing faces. The truth is, even without adding anything, these are quality conversions from solidworks. What file format did you use to import the models into blender?

For this render I saved a copy of my assembly with .STL format. This is the only way I manged to get some nice round shape. SW mesh is kind of weird, hence you can’t smooth it at all.
The thing is you have to take care not to get a mesh too heavy when you play with the options of the STL format (in the “save as” windonw of SW).

With my first Solidworks-to-Blender projectI made a copy of my SW assembly in .vrml format and imported the model using a batch loader that you can find here.

By the way, thanks a lot for the nice critics. I’m gonna try to modify some of my settings as soon as I can and post another render. You’re right, now with a fresh look, some of my textures look a bit crude :stuck_out_tongue:
Well, this is only my second project with Blender, give me a little time to understand the 3D rules :wink:


To me, the texture on the end-caps is getting in the way. It’s commanding too much visual attention.

The POV also doesn’t clearly illustrate where one bolt or screw goes. I can see the cap, but not the shaft behind it.

Hi Dragonslayer I am a Solidworks user too.
You can control the VRML mesh density out of SW with the setting for image quality in the options.
Granted SW doesn’t make esp nice meshes some times.
Nice to see your images.:slight_smile: