Gears (Final)

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And heres the final:


Just a quick idea I had. R&L Mohr is the name of a company in my area that sells parts, such as gears. I made them this picture. Thought it turned out well.

High Res

Thanks for looking! =)

That would be a kick ass map for a game.

Reminds me of the final stages of Half Life 2; great render!

Oh man, now that you mention it, I should have looked to half life 2 for reference, would of cool! Oh well, there is always next time!

I’d look into actual gear shapers :wink: these wouldn’t turn, or cause incredible noise and vibrations.

Nothing in real life has those sharp edges. Bevel the edges of the gears to make them look more realistic. You will get more play out of your light too!

Good start, I’m not sure about that big area in the upper right side, however.

I like the lettering.

Well they have a 14-1/2 degree pressure angle, and 6 diametral pitch. Shouldn’t be any vibration or noise.

But I was just happy with a decent render.

is it from the gear script? because those aren’t involute gears:

Alright, I’ll rework it. But what else would make it better? Besides curving the gears a bit. I’m gonna play with the other material on the pole thing, holding the gear on the right.

maybe some particle dust, or some dof, btw, my comments are generally “everything looks good, but this one issue:”, so my critisizing the shape of the gears was pretty much my only criticism :wink:

I tried DOF but I couldnt get it to work right? IDK. But dust is a GREAT idea, i’ve never tried to do dust, so now I got something new to play with it. I’ll update soon.

DOF is kind of tricky. Are you using a DOF object or just distance?

A lot of things have sharp edges in real life: a knife, a counter top, a piece of paper, The corner of a building…

Someone might as well move this to WIP or Focused Critique haha. Heres my attempt…

Yeah, i know the edges are still “sharp” but, there is more angle, I guess. I’ll add more wires later, and some kinda mechanism that moves the gears. The text will be engraved on the gear, in a similar spot, except closer to the camera, and between the metal… uhh “plates”

That looks much better than the old one! I like the wires too.
About the sharpness, just bevel it for the final render :wink:

I can see myself playing Halo on the first image though :stuck_out_tongue:

wow, just wow, such a dramatic improvement in modelling!

Still going at it.

Throw me some thoughts/ideas/crits, before I go much further.

I like the direction a lot better. By adding those cables, you have fixed up that big black area in the original. One thing about adding glass everywhere is that it gets a little confusing towards the center of the gear. All that nice multi-level box modeling gets lost in the transparency/reflection. Maybe extend that solid material out from the center to cover those series of boxes. Only other thing is that the name/logo gets a little lost when it is the same material as the gear. If this name is important try making it stand out a bit more. Like shiny gold or something…?

I like the cables, were they generated by a script, or did you model them using an array modifier along a curve?

This is very good, but I would consider using LuxRender for this, to really give it a Photorealistic look.

way cool… i love it… the detail is very nice and your blog is pretty cool too!