gears of war lancer

this is my first model, its a toon version of the GOW lancer

to remove the toon shaders, select everything type f10 and deselect Edge wich is in the output menu (left):wink:


lancer.blend (201 KB)

111 views right now and no posts :stuck_out_tongue:

The reason should be obvious.

Hey. Go put your head in a blender (pun intended).

I like the shader, it looks like it got the effect you wanted. Is it low poly enough for a game? That’d make a gnarly weapon :smiley:

The model looks pretty good, the textures seem a little undetailed, it makes it have a flat effect ya know? it’s a good start though. I’ve never played gears of war, so I don’t know how true this is, but good start anyway.

Add more detail…Its FLAT…The Lancer is not flat!.. Over all shape is good and but the textures could use some work

try subsurfacing that model, it would atleast look a bit more realistic.

It is kinda flat and undetailed.

Plus the spec is really really bad…

If you turn the spec down it should help bring out the details of the texture. Then just add some more geometry and it will be looking nice.