Gecko Character Animation

This is a project I did for work (at a church in Eugene Oregon). I did it in a week. This is the first time I have really used the armatures, and the second time I’ve really used RVKs, so I was fairly happy with the way it turned out. Anyway, I’d like all the comments you can give. This requires the divx codec to be able to play, and there’s some artifacting at the end of the first scene. The file is only 2mb. You can probably guess what this is a parody of :wink: . There is a video that sets this up as well, but I left it out due to space considerations. Hope you like it.

Gecko Animation

Tony LaRussa: Well Cardinals I’ve got great news.

Cardinals (in unison): We’re gonna win tonight???

Tony LaRussa: No, but I just saved a ton of money on my car insurance by switching to Geico.

Very good. What is the name? It’s not the car insurance, obviously, but I couldn’t make it out.
Anyway, that’s very cute! 8)

Yeah, that’s not the final audio, and it has been compressed. The name is “Guest Co” which really isn’t the name of anything. This was just part of an add for our guest reception, and “Guest Co” kind of sounded like “Geico”.

Nice job, blazer. 8)

-Raseri: I wanna save 15% on my breakfast!

Very nice animation. At first I thought the character looked more like a frog as geckos tend to be thinner like this guy:

But I liked it. The mouth RVKs were pretty good.