Geely Emgrand EC7 RV

Hold on, let me go pick up my jaw off the floor.

It is great, congratulations :smiley:

How do you even approach such a project. Did you ask for the car blueprint exterior and interior from the car company? How do you model all that stuff and still stay in visibly perfect proportions. What was your preparation before you started the project? Awesome job man!

Just…no words…

A short answer is that I’m an owner of the exact same car :cool:
I doubt that a manufacturer gives its buleprints out to anyone, it seems to be a commercial secret.
Even available in a support guides drafts are very inaccurate and I suppose that it was done intentionally.

So in order to precisely recreate this car I took all measurements myself. There are hundreds of photos! :slight_smile:
Here are some examples:

And several snapshots that were done while creating the model:

Absolutely award winning work!

Grate detail! :eek:

Grate detail! :eek:

Wow… speechless here. Never seen a more convincing CG car.

wow dude all those images and measurements, this project is heaven on earth for the germans :smiley:

The attention to detail is extraordinary. I would love to see more in progress shots and wirefames. The lighting and rendering is exceptional also.

Someone needs to buy this guy a lambo just so he can recreate it with this accuracy. The close up of the head light is ridiculous.

Amazing work… rarely see so much details on non professional CG work. Completely crazy how far you have gone on it.

I wonder how much time you did spend. Very impressive!

I wouldn’t mind)))

It’s hard to say exactly, because I worked on this project from time to time.
I suppose that with new skills and knowledge a project with such level of accuracy should take nearly two months full time. Maybe less.
Of course it hugely depends on amount of available information (drafts, sketches etc). Information gathering is very time consumptive thing. Maybe a half of total time.

There are a lot of in progress snapshots. I think it would be a good idea to compile them into packs and paste them here.
Maybe it would be interesting or even helpful to somebody.

So here are the first pack :slight_smile:

The very beginning:

And a part of creation log:

More coming soon)

Cool, thanks for sharing the progress. Do you have any favorite blender addons?