Geez Numerals x Geonodes (part ፩ /1)

Geez numerals x Geonodes (part 1)

Geʽez is an ancient Ethiopian Semitic language. The language originates from what is now Ethiopia and Eritrea. It now is mainly used for religious purposes in the Orthodox Church.

This first part of the series introduces the following Geez numbers:

  • ፩ – አሐዱ/ AHADU – One
  • ፪ – ክልኤቱ / KLIETU – Two
  • ፫ – ሠለስቱ/ SELESETU – Three
  • ፬ – አርባዕቱ/ ARBAITU – Four
  • ፭ – ሐምስቱ/ HAMSTU – Five

Got the idea for this series when I wanted to learn the new Blender feature that is geometry nodes. Combining different shapes such as cubes, cylinders, cones, hexagon and spheres to be instanced on traditional Geez numbers gave me these results. These became more visually pleasing when combined with monochromatic color palettes.

Animation coming soon! :slightly_smiling_face:

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really cool

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Looks great!

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I like them. <3

Is it only me, or does anyone else wonder what the yellow One, would taste like?

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Thabk you. :tangerine: Orange flavoured maybe :grin:

Animation done! Watch below