GeForce 9500 GS & Cycles

Hey Guys, I just tried to render in cycles using my Graphics Card, but as soon as I switch from my CPU to GPU, the screen goes black in Rendered Viewport, and when I hit F12. Is my GeForce 9500 GS incapable of using Cycles? If so is the only way I can fix this is by getting a new Graphics Card?

Either that or you can use a build from alb3530 which is compiled with all CUDA kernels.

It looks like the 9500 GS is not on this list of CUDA-enabled NVIDIA products. You may have to buy a new card.

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Yeah, my laptop has a 9500 as well. I was quite disappointed that support for it was dropped. At one point GPU did work, and was faster than CPU. I’m not sure why support was dropped (probably to simplify some code) but it would have been nice if the DEVs just left low end support enabled, but not supported.