GeFX [Updated: 9.10.08]

You may of seen some of these resources I’ve posted in the past, some old, some new. I just wanted to keep them all in one place. And not everyone wants to surf blender resources for one demo. So here they are.

Animated Water v2.0

Multi-Personality AI v0.0.1

Real Time Rain v1.0 UPDATED!!!

Real Time Fountain v1.0

Real Time Particles 1.5

If you would like to request demos or tutorials, just post it here. I hope I caught your attention with these demos. I know some need work, and some I’ll convert to python (so don’t be all like, it would be better in python) kay?

Anyway, enjoy!

OH and if you use my textures or models give me credit.

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C&C is warmly welcomed.

They are cool! thanks a lot!

thx man a lot:)

Glad you all like it =D Don’t forget to rate and comment on blender resources.

I’m currently working on some glsl demos, including ocean water. Since I don’t have glsl I’m rendering the image (I researched and I know the limitations of glsl).

If you have any suggestions, post them here. If you think it’ll never work, still, post it here, I’ll try to whip up some workaround. Even with real time reflections.

:smiley: real time reflections!!!

I will try that =P

It will be insanely fake, but It WILL WORK!!! Lol, I seriously will whip up a demo. I’m going to post my glsl animated sea with 1 face =D

realtime reflections was can be done with Ashsid’s plugin but not with the current version of the GE

Ok, that saves me time =D

The real time rain simulation is ready for use in your games.


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Please give feedback, and credit.

You know, some screens to see what your files do would be a nice idea, and some youtube examples would be best if it involves animation.

I will take that into consideration =D

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Really reminds me of enigma or whatever that pangea software game is called…

I liked your water demo, I couldn’t for the longest time figure out how you did it but then I saw the “tiles” button clicked in the texture face option. Simple yet effective!

Glad you guys like! Check out for more tutorials!

I’m bumping as a valuable resource.

hey i was wondering how to mod the mouse trake to script by killer to a topdown game progeram