Geisha (real-time) for Artstation Challenge Feudal Japan: The Shogunate


(Malwina Kwiatkowska) #1

This is my sumbission for latest Artstation Challenge. Theme this time was Feudal Japan: The Shougunate
This model is 99k tris and petals + pedestal are another 7,5k tris.
One 4k texture set for character + one 4k set for pedestal piece.
It was super fun to make I hope to take part in some other challenge in the future! :smile:
I’ve learned so much during work on this model, expecially that I have so much more to learn yet :smiley:

More renders + and texture break down on my artstation (link above)

(Bart Veldhuizen) #2

Perhaps you can add the Sketchfab model to your post here? (Just add the model URL on its own line).

(Malwina Kwiatkowska) #3

Thanks! I wasn’t sure hot to attach it