Gen3 again

Sorry got another question about gen3 and A.N.T. landscape 1.04 is how do you shade those meshes that are made I’m sitting here on blender figuring out how I’m going to shade these in. So can you guys help me out. I want to know how to color in the leaves and tree bark. Without slowly shading in each little leaf and every little feature . UV I’m still a noob to that so any help please.

Gen3 automatically creates UVs for the leaves. You can basically create an image map for one leaf and all the leaves will use it.

The only part you really need to worry about tree bark is the trunk, which is pretty easy to do.

What about ANT ladscape and how would you color the tree bark.

ok, If you check the links below or similar threads you will find the authors thread for gen3
All the information you need on gen3 is there and it is rather a large thread.
A.N.T. (Another Noise Tool) Landscape creator can be found here,…&highlight=ant
again it is a large thread full of information.

By the way this is exactly the same information I have already given you in your previous post on gen3 and ant landscape.

Please turn up your hearing aid.:slight_smile:

Find yourself some good tutorials on materials and textures and you will figure out that these programs require nothing other the normal Blender Functions for Materials and Textures:)
Or check out the Materials/Textures or Tutorials sections in other sections of this forum. Thats what they are there for. To help you learn.:wink: