gender what sex are u

(steve343) #1

i just want to know the percetage of male to female in blender users.

(Sprite) #2

I wouldn’t be surprised if the good majority of Blender users were male; not to be sexist, but it’s an unfortunate, likely outcome.

(dreamsgate) #3

Actually last time I checked I think there were about 4 females. Me and 3 others. At least thats all that replied when I asked.

(SysAdm) #4

I’ve got 6 that have posted a PROFILE…

but only one of them posted a picture…

____SysAdm 8)

(steve343) #5

ok who are the alien i knew there were some.

they plot and sceme behind our backs and we cant hear them cos there in a vacume :o

(Goofster) #6

hmmm, I think this is the most pathetic attempt to get a date yet!


ps. Petit, Handsome bachelor seeks dito blenderchick. Must be able to name all the blender hotkeys, as well as making photoreal images without raytracing. P.O. box 123456, Roosendaal, The Netherlands.
(Please, blender only, NO MAYA!)

(S_W) #7

aliens…paranormal activities…government denies knowledge…the x-files… :wink:

(theeth) #8

darn right it is :stuck_out_tongue:

PS: <insert lame attempt to get a date here>

(orange) #9

glad to see i’m not the only alien. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Goofster) #10

hmmm, this is bad advertising. “Blender has more Alien customers then Female customers”

btw. i think there should be a category for Female/Male Aliens. maybe even Sexual preference. so it would looks something like this:

Human Male Homosexual
Human Male Heterosexual
Alien Male Homosexual
Alien Male Heterosexual
Human Female Homosexual
Human Female Heterosexual
Alien Female Homosexual
Alien Female Heterosexual

not to mention the color of their skin!!!..
so that would ma…ahh nevermind

(steve343) #11

errrr actually i already have “a date” i was just curious

([email protected]) #12

:o i belive this was an ingenious plan to discover just how meany aliens use blender without looking suspicious…

but what about the thing we all dread…gender benders!!!


(Goo) #13

It’s pretty sad when blender using aliens out number blender using females…


P.s. I wonder how many more New Yorker Blender’s are aliens…

(blengine) #14

hey that central source profiles page is awesome! but not too many people have their pics up in there =(
yeah, not too many blender girls sadly, because
[begin joking stereotype]
theyre too busy at the mall, waiting for guys to call, talking about other girls, tryign to get boyfriends, and throwing up in bathrooms…hahaha
[end joking stereotype]
nah, girls are awesome, some girls, and at sometimes, sadly not many at my school =O… hey, guys arent much better, but we got sports, whew…

(steve343) #15

It’s pretty sad when blender using aliens out number blender using females…


P.s. I wonder how many more New Yorker Blender’s are aliens…

taxi drivers :o

(blendererot) #16

…the 9 genderless aliens are really guys wearing poor fitting Star Trek costumes.

(nzrevenge) #17

Well I was pretty certain I was a guy… Then I went to The Spark and took the gender test. They were 81% sure I was a female… Grrrr… Damn family values, getting in the way…

(haunt_house) #18

what about the bisexuals and the trisexuals :o

(Riskbreaker) #19


Grammar checking…ok
Transmitting data from Planet Eck…buffer 100%
Warning: Exponentially large distance between connection, error in
transmission may occur


Transmission lost****

(blenderanim) #20

To be correct, you should ask, “What sex are you?”

“Nouns have gender, humans have sex.”