General Approach / Pillar Head

Greetings everybody!

I’m excited to be part of this blender community since a couple of days.
After learning the ropes of Blender navigation, interface and basic modeling the last 3 days, I have many questions concerning workflow and the general approach to advanced modeling etc…

Currently I can’t seem to wrap my head around a specific problem.
I want to model the head of this greek pillar:
Pillar Head

My result so far:

My approach was modeling a low poly model of the head of the pillar and using that weird curve model you can see in the picture at the top to substract from that head via boolean to create a high poly version to bake the normal map later. It took quite a while to get that curved model right and the result is still somewhat mediocre. Also the boolean substraction caused some tearing in the mesh.

It might work for a low poly game or more abstract look, but it doesn’t fit in with the rather realistic main part of the pillar I made. I indeed aim for a rather realistic look so that one day I might create my first scene and render it.

How would you approach that detail on the pillar head (specifically that swirl)? I would be delighted to hear any information you can give me. General advice is appreciated as well.

did some work long time ago

check out these might give some ideas

happy cl

here is a long tut on drawing it manualy but can be done in blender
but could also use involute algo and fit it over the image
might be faster
note: it is not a spiral !

show us what you get

happy bl

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Thanks for all your input!

I will try drawing with the help of a picture.

What do you mean by involute algo? I’m not well versed in Blender teminology.

this is a curve and there must be an algo for this curve!

I think it is a sort of Logarithmic Spiral Involute
will see if I can find this curve and make a script for this
should be faster

happy cl

looks like it is more an equiangular spiral
I can upload sample if you need too
but still has to make it in 3D

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How did you make that?

I will upload a picture of my progress. I’m done actually but for some reason the mesh is behaving very oddly at 3 places and I cant seem to figure out why. I’m actually quite happy with the result, I didn’t create a normal map yet, don’t want to bake those mesh irregularities into the texture.

EDIT: Forget it, I just had to recalculate the normals. Everything looks good now.

I did a small script for an equiangular spiral
and adjusted it to get same shape then the ionic volute

but it is not 3d only a curve

may have to try to keep as much quads as you can at worst you can add a edges split modifier

here is one of the first I did

happy bl

Again, thank you for your input!

Drawing on a picture did wonders and I finally have my ionic pillar head!

there are many ways to do this kind of spiral curve

you could do it with a sort of involute
of a line triangle or rectangle or even more edges

see these threads

have fun

happy bl