General help around selling 3D models

I am trying to get into selling my own 3D models (mainly sci fi hardsurface ones) but the info on what is the best workflow etc. is so scarce (for obvious reasons) that the only way to find out what is the best workflow would be to just sell more models and see. Either way I am gonna try to get as much valuable info on the topic because it will save a lotta time. Problem is I cant buy a 100 dollar model and see how its packaged what is the quality etc because I dont have a 100 dollars. My main questions are: Can I post the files only in a blend file, If decide to use fbx how should the textures be packaged (how should I bake them, what addon), Should I package my rig into the fbx file or should I just export it seperately, How can the whole process be automated. I know I am asking a lot, like I said there is a reason that there isnt a nice 20 page document on how to sell your models with blender.

Hi Adam,

I don’t sell models myself but have bought a few over the years. I would guess each site that you plan on using to sell your models have their seller rules and guidelines. You’ll need to do the leg work and start exploring and assessing this for each site. You don’t have to buy any as most will give you views, wireframes, feature descriptions (textured, rigged, etc…) for each model. So you can start building a picture of quality, poly count, number of assets, features vs price, etc… While you’re at it you might want to see how many sales / views the model has which might give you hints as to whether the cost is to high. There’s many ways of cataloging this (spreadsheets, old fashion logbook, OneNote, EverNote, etc…) so I’ll leave to you to decide that. As for a book there’s isn’t a definitive “one” but you can find helpful resources here and in other 3d sites also.

If you are serious about selling your 3d models you can start by looking at these links and checking out what is required. Commission rates, target audience (game market, general use, entertainment, etc…), target size and licensing are other things to consider.

Review of different sites (there are tons more though):

Another thing to consider is online presence, your portfolio and sample artwork (some sites require that you apply - so you’ll need to have something ready). Have you considered setting up an ArtStation profile. Many many artists, 3d modelers, painters, etc… have and display their art there. Some of which will blow your mind. Doing this, is up to you of course. It depends how far you want to go and how much time you want to spend on this endeavor. I hope this helps.

Good luck and happy blending!

Thank you for your feedback I will start reasearching all the links you provided. I think my confusion cleared up and I can continue my journey. I will probably setup an ArtStation account later because altough I have been learning 3D for 3* years well it poses no significant importance because well I ammmm I am 13 and I dont think I am gonna get hired any time soon :wink: and I dont wanna get mixed up in all the formalities I just want something to fund my work and just
continue learning. Link to model I am working on if you dont believe me:

Hi Adam,

This is an impressive model, especially at 13 years of age. Keep up the good work!

You may need to check if there are any age restrictions on some of the bigger sites (like Sketchfap, cgtrader, etc…). Perhaps, gumroad might be a good start. Check out their rules and regulations and they do allow “donation” type of options, should you decide to go that route. A merchant’s account might be an issue also. (Perhaps, your folks can help there). This way your models will “get out” there and people can opt in to pay something for your model and encourage you to continue. Think about the wording to encourage this. Depending on where you live you might need a PayPal account as they support both direct deposit (in certain countries only) and PayPal. So a little more research here is needed too. As for age some people might find this very impressive and encourage you to learn more. I think it’s great you are doing this.

It’s important to note that places like ArtStation do have an age of majority restrictions (that is you must be 18 years or older). This means under 18 (this can vary by country though) you can not enter legally binding contracts which prevents them from working with minors. Check gumroad for this also.

In the meantime you can buildup your portfolio here on Blenderartists (Instagram, Facebook, etc… or your whatever preferred place you like), to showcase your art and models. Who knows where that could lead.

Another option is GoFundMe which lets people raise funds for all sorts of things. Your folks would need to help you there.

Another thing I must say is that you need to check with your parents before you undertake any online activities outlined above, or accounts or start creating/dealing with financial institutions or doing online transactions. Myself and the blender community (I’m sure they’d agree with me) is we want you to be safe.

Cheers and happy blending!

First I picked turbosquid already because it doesnt mention any age restrictions as far as I know in their rules. Second I already have a paypal account up and working basically my whole account is already setup so that wont a be issue because I checked the legislation and if u make under 200 euros or so you should be ok. But I dont think that will be a issue because our goverment failed to go through informatisation and there arent many laws stating the bussiness online. This means that if I keep my anonymity and I dont make more than 200 euros a month I should be ok until i hit 16 where I should do some legal action and setup a “živnosť”. But I will definetly build up a portofolio on blenderartists and online in the mean time. I have been thinking about rasing some money but that is kinda scummy I would much more offer a product for sale. About the whole parent thing well my parents arent the wisest in this topic so even mentioning this would result in me losing my paypal. SO to end things off I thank you for your feedback and I will return here once I encounter any other problems :wink: