General Lee - '69 Charger. -first WIP-

hello everyone! i am fresh new here, i decided to join this community because i see a lot of enthusiastic feeling about the blender thing, which i begun using about a year ago. I started using maya in 2006 moving my first steps learning the basic of 3D graphics with it. I consider myself to be a beginner though because i know i have plenty of things to learn. Basically i use Cg graphics for hobby, i still can’t think about considering it to make a living off of it. Now i would like to show you one of my work that i’m really proud of, there are errors so any comments from you guys will sure be a lot helpful! the works in the gallery are really awesome, and i’m happy to be a new member of this wonderful comunity!

this is a '69 charger, i’ll probably turing it in the “general lee dukes of hazzard” theme! let me know if you like it!

Welcome to the forum :smiley: You’ve got a really good start there, are you planning on modelling the interior?

Now that’s what I call a great first post! :yes:

back view, the rear lights are still missing.

i’ll be posting something else later! render are just 600 sample in cycles.

i really never modeled interiors, but i think this is a good opportunity to start making them!

Thats fantastic! Love the Charger, especially in this paintjob…Waylon would be proud.

Looks really good! Just start model the interior. You may enjoy or not enjoy it but the work is worth it. Model get so much more character and believability with the interior. And at least you learn something new! So you got nothing to lose.

here is another render! changed a bit the shape of the wheels, added some stupid classic HDRI environment lights (i think that caused the increase of the render noise), and put the 01 decal on the side door just for fun!

thank a lot man! and let’s make the interior! i think it’s fun, there’s nothing boring about modeling at all for me!

details added…change a bit the color too, but i think now it’s too reddish.

like the carpaint! but your tire mats should be a bit mor reflectiv if they are brand new :slight_smile:

thanks man! you’re right i’m not paying much attention to them, i’ll be doing that later. thank for the advice!

added more details! i don’t have any idea of what to do with the background, i just put hdr images i like just to see the reflections on the carpaint. i don’t even know how to that, blend the car whit the hdr image. i’ll fix that later anyway! :smiley:

Sometimes I think I’d like to get one of these cars, paint it red, white, and blue, give it a horn that plays a snippet of “Battle Hymn of the Republic” and call it the General Sherman.

I’d probably get lynched driving such a thing south of the Mason-Dixon line.

No Zeropoint, you wouldn’t. That’s actually a great idea. Car looks great dimebag.

Looking great. BTW, why don’t you do what zero point said? Its just some texturing, and itd make your charger different and original, not just one more general Lee charger!

thanks a lot everyone! i was thinking about an alternative charger after i finished this! maybe some kind of a nascar worn out car!

had a little time today to add several details. the image based lighting is creating a lot of noise especially on the chrome shader…really annoying…any tip to help avoid it?

the confederate flag is for keep the authenticity of the theme, i always found it to be a beautiful looking flag, but ABSOLUTELY not beautiful for what it means…

Epic modelling! Btw, not sure if you are aware of this, but I’d work on the material of the tires… I’m saying it just in case.

thanks man! i saw your gt-r 34 model and THAT IS EPIC MODELING! love japanese cars especially the skyline r 34 since i saw it on Gran Turismo 2 (good old times). yeah i’m worried about the tires, but i don’t know why is always the last thing i do! i just put a raw model and work better with them later. thanks again!