Generale dei danzatori Onirici - Artwork made with blender ,mypaint and gimp

I made it with Blender, Gimp and MyPaint.

Hope you like it!

very cool indeed

The detail, modeling and general composition are all superb. However, the actual render itself short-sells your final image. Might I suggest either more advanced renderer options such as SSS, AmbientOcc, or DOF if you haven’t already… these could soften your image and make it more realistic and powerful. Also, you could screw around in gimp and use some Gaussian Blur, layering and blending modes to soften and highten the realism of the image. Very good render though!

Good idea! Must to try some AO and SSS.

*** Edited

Tell me what you think :smiley:

He is like an American aborigen … but of another galaxy
The textures are very good


5 * :wink: !!!

The added effects worked better on the new render… definitely a 4.5*s now.

Very impressive, the 2nd picture looks much better and I like the defined details in it.

Interesting work indeed, I wonder what’s in blender and what’s in 2d programs… I suspect signs on the skin are painted in gimp or mypaint, right?

Epic! The detail is amazing.

Only the armor is in 3D :slight_smile: the body and the tattoos are made in MyPaint/Gimp

Thank you all for the comments! :smiley:

ehi MaxTux, you’re good at painting, congratulations!

Try to use full 3D when you finish a character. Or if you want to use a similar “combo” , then try to use the mesh to be only for “perspective” and draw the full character without any 3D involved , use the 3D like a base sketch.

In this way looks rather “unpolished” or misslead …get on focus!

Thank you for your reply :wink: I will