Generalist For Quick Job


I have a game concept in the works and am in need of a Generalist who can aid in the creation for two realistic characters, both male. The base meshes are complete, we just need help with adding details, retopo, detailing for clothes and texturing. One of them already has the detailing for the clothing and the retopology completed. It just needs texturing. I said “we” because we’re a small team, looking to register as a company. We have a small budget of $500 for the character art, mostly because it’s our first project. If all goes well, more work with a much larger contract will be available. The deadline is April 21st. The concept we’re working on is a first person shooter, starting with the Civil War. However, anything beyond those details are under a Non-Disclosure Agreement. Any type of experience is more than welcome, as long as the models and their textures are good, clean (especially topology and anatomy) and ready for rigging. You can feel free to contact me on Discord at AspiringWackjob(Yen)#9360 since it’s the one place where I’m most readily available. My name is Danny, by the way. You’ll meet the rest of the team as well. Thanks for reading, and I can’t wait to meet you.

Hi my name is Carlos i am interested in this job.


email: [email protected]


Hi, I would need to see what you expect artist to do but I believe I could help !


We’re trying to go for a more realistic look. We need someone capable of doing texture work, and grooming. I’m one of the character artists that works alongside BIG_TIME. While I can’t give out any details due to NDA, here’s a screenshot of the character that needs most of the work.

Hey, Seponix. I see my other character artist already filled you in a little bit on what goes on. I strongly recommend you get Discord, since this is where the whole team works from and communicates constantly. We can talk more there.

Edit : messed up in the last post :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello there, i guess i might be able to help

i can do both modelling and texturing, realistic or stylized

here is my portfolio -

and discord - @Javed_Akhtar#9778